Saturday, 30 July 2011

Doing da Vinci

So how come they all want to do da Vinci? I've started the cycle of theory assignments with my students and Year 9s are currently working on written assignments where they will be writing a letter in the guise of the artist they research. They were presented with a slide show of 40 artworks to choose from and they will write their letters based on the artworks chosen following a structured essay style of assignment.

So who is the most popular artist on the list? Believe it or not Leonardo still stands up 5 centuries down the line. Rather than explore the best known artwork in the world (The Mona Lisa), we have them exploring his anatomical drawings. So is it the da Vinci Code I have to blame for his popularity, or is Mona the reason why everyone wants to do Leonardo?
Bum brightly, Pete

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