Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Andrzej Maciejewski : Garden of Eden

Maciejewski's Colour still-life photographs of fruits and vegetables are photographed in a manner inspired by old masters of painting, like Michelangelo Caravaggio, Henri Fantin Latour, Louis Melendez or Dutch Masters. Their still life compositions are highly realistic, and at same time full of beauty and abundance, commonly associated with the gifts of nature they show. The fruits and vegetables, bought in the supermarket, all have label stickers, or foil wrappers photographed as 4x5 colour transparencies.


  1. Artichokes in the glass bowl with the lychees and something else exotic! Yum....

  2. The exotic fruit with the artichokes is the Rambutan.
    Rambutan fruit cannot be cooked; it can be eaten raw only. Rambutan is a tasty fruit and it is very popular in many countries. Seed oil from the Rambutan is produced and in use to manufacture candles and soap. Although Rambutan trees are cut down rarely, their wood is used in the construction industry. Rambutan fruit is said to heal dysentery and diarrhea effectively. The leaves are also used as cataplasm to cure headaches. In Malaysia, the skin of the Rambutan fruit is used to prepare native medicines. Further, the roots of Rambutan trees are boiled and used as a medication to cure fever.