Saturday, 6 August 2011

iPad MoMA

The NY Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has a brilliant free app available for Ipads at the moment. The recent Abstract Expressionist New York exhibition has been published for iPad as a series of superb hi-resolution images and videos of the abstract expressionist works.

You can learn about the artworks, the artists and NY history through a multimedia presentation of maps of studios, galleries and points of interest. There are a series of videos of historical interest, discussions and artciles about key works as well as a glossary of art terms.

The finished app is a fantastic resource for art teachers or just great general reading on this important period in art history. Abstract expressionist art is possibly the most discussed, the most ridiculed and reviled and the least understood of all art periods. MoMA has gone along way to making the movement understandable and accessible as well as providing an important resource and teaching tool....and best of all its a free download. Beautifully produced and thoughtfully assembled. (And while you're there, you might also want to look at the Free books App from MoMa as well)

Burn brightly, Pete

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