Thursday, 4 August 2011

Rose and Maloney

I've been transferring old Tv shows I've recorded on VHS across to DVD format for the sake of gaining storage space, as well as updating my media and hopefully halting deterioration that tape inevitable succumbs to. Tonight I've watched and dubbed some old episodes of one of my favorite series Rose and Maloney which is filling up valuable shelving space.
Rose and Maloney was a British television crime drama with Sarah Lancashire & Phil Davis as Rose Linden and Maloney, two investigators working for the fictional Criminal Justice Review Agency. The agency takes on claims of miscarriages of justice, assessing whether there are grounds to reopen old cases.
Rose is brilliant but strong-willed and sometimes reckless. She likes to follow her instincts and play hunches and often comes into conflict with authority. Maloney, although Rose's superior, usually allows himself to be led by his more passionate colleague. Maloney is a by-the-book man and a little grey. He finds working with Rose dangerous but addictively exciting. Only a handful of episodes were made, but all of them were well written and acted. Watching the interplay between the two opposite personalities was a joy and anything with the underated Phil Davis is worth putting time aside to watch. I watched his work in the Whitechapel series earlier this year and to see him at work in an entirely different persona in this series is wonderful.
Unfortunately, Rose and Maloney have never been released on dvd so the VHS transfers are the next best thing. if anyone hears of a kosher version out there, let me know - I'd willingly pay for the series.
Burn brightly, Pete

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