Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Writing Process

I'm currently in the midst of marking having spent several hours yesterday working through marking and writing up comments, and I'll be back at school after lunch for a few hours again today (Sunday) to catch up with marking ceramic works. All of this means that very little creative work gets done on the weekends. I seem to be either working, visiting or veging in front of the TV.

The writing challenge I started earlier in the year has "petered" out and is not really a relaxing process, but one of hard work. Hemingway one should remember suicided with a shotgun - perhaps he didn't bleed enough in front of his typewriter, or perhaps he got it wrong when it came to process. So for me now, the process has halted. Maybe I'll return to the keyboard in a few weeks time when I get some sort of break from this rather messy, whirlwind experience that is my life at the moment.

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