Sunday, 18 September 2011

32, 13-12 & 14 2 go!

So I've hit the holidays and what a way to start! Last Saturday night I was with a friend shivering because I hadn't worn a jacket. Today we've hit 32 degrees C here in Brisbane - summer's arrived a month or two early! (No more shivering) And last night the Broncos won (in Golden point time) with Darren Lockyer kicking a field goal in a fairytale finish in his final game in front of a home crowd of 50,000. So with 14 days of holidays to go, I think it could be shaping up as a great week for the start of my break. Yesterday I made the quarterly trek to Coolangatta with my buddy Greg and purchased books on the Marx Bros, as well as crime novels by Ian Rankin, Steve Hamilton, J A Jance, Michael McGarrity and Robert B Parker.

Today I've slept in, taken it easy and read about 200 pages of Moonlight Mile by a favorite author Dennis Lehane. I'd forgotten just how good Lehane is as a writer and working my way through 200 pages has been an enjoyable task. Its also helped me be reminded of how envious I am of those who get to visit Boston - one of THE cities on the list of where I have to try to get to before I drop off the perch. Tonight I also get to view the program on AJ Millar that my buddy Dave Millikan has put together over the last few months  so I've been looking forward to seeing the end product on Channel 7 tonight. So it doesn't get much better than this for the start for a week off.

My buddy Greg and I became somewhat overexcited last night with the Rugby League victory as our team, the Brisbane Broncos, advanced through to the semis - watching the win on his large screen LED and drinking too much Rekorderlig strawberry cider. On Tuesday we have plans to see a samurai warrior film 13 Assassins in the Portside Theatre (which we hope won't be inundated by holidaying school students). So almost the perfect start to the week.
Burn brightly, Pete

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