Monday, 26 September 2011

Brace Yourself!

Having never shied away from posting my medical adventures online (a definite and sure sign of geriatric living), I should post my latest adventures in the land of medicinal practice. After 10-12 weeks of a nagging Tennis Elbow (epicondylitis), I finally got myself off to the doctor's to see if he could shed any more light or offer relief on this injury. I was sawing timber last holidays and got a kick-back from the circular saw, damaging the ligaments in the forearm. So the doctor suggested cortisone injections as a last resort if the pain gets worse, but has told me it will just take time and gradually heal.... and that's $65 worth of info. Thanks a lot doc. He's also suggested a brace (after I inquired about it).  It should look great on me - the brace  fits around the forearm and places pressure on the muscles of the forearm taking strain off the epicondylitis or area where the muscles attach. (I'm still considering the purchase as the arm is gradually healing - hopefully it will be fully restored in about another 3-4 weeks).

And the deafness in the right ear I've had for the last 3 weeks he thinks may be due to "the aging Process"... yea! Industrial deafness and the process of time marches right over the top of me. But this shouldn't be about whingeing - I am rising above all this. Medibank will refund a large chunk, I'll continue my own method of self-medication (at roughly the same costs of the doctor's/chemist's suggestions), and who knows - the deafness could have advantages.
Burn brightly, Pete

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