Friday, 30 September 2011

Pain-Free Day

This morning I awoke to a pain-free day - the first in almost 2 months since I damaged my arm last break. I'm back on a non-steroid pain reliever called Mobic, which has worked slightly in the past but is brilliant today. I'm a bit of a sook when it comes to pain and sometimes the smallest injury can overwhelm me. These last 2 months have not been great - struggling to teach, unable to open bottles, do basic chores, hug someone without inflicting some sort of self-pain. So after a decent night's sleep, I've awoken to a pain free morning being able to lift things like the Coffee jar and even open it easily. (So what will life be like at 70?)

So today I'm hoping to complete some more marking, watch a little more TV and currently I'm relaxing and reading the Steve Marriot biography (All Too Beautiful). If you need a decent pain relief drug, I can't help but highly recommend this one. So - fewer posts, more reading for me for me today. Thank God for holidays!
Burn brightly Pete

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