Thursday, 1 September 2011

Writing Habits - Ian Fleming (Creator of James Bond)

He started his day with a morning swim in the Caribbean Sea followed by a breakfast with Ann (his wife). The breakfast always consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon and black coffee as he insisted that tea tasted like mud and was the reason behind the decline of the British Empire. At 9am, he would give his wife a kiss, leave the breakfast table and go inside into the main living room. He would close the jalousied windows to create a cool and shady room with a hint of a tropical breeze. Then he would take out his old Imperial portable typewriter and type for the next three hours.
He would write non-stop and wouldn’t worry about what he would put in as he could always edit it later.
At noon, he would stop writing and go outside in the warm Jamaican sun. Together with Ann he would go down to the beach to sunbathe and swim before lunch. After lunch, he would sleep for an hour or two.
Around 5pm, he would be ready to continue his work. He would go into the main living room again, and use an hour or so to read through what he had written during the day and make the necessary corrections. After he finished the corrections, he would take the papers and place them in a drawer and thereby end his workday. And by 6:30, he was ready for his first drink of the day and to enjoy the evening without worrying about his work.

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