Monday, 3 October 2011

Back to the Barber

Went back to my barber in preparation for school this coming week and caught up with him after an absence of 2-3 years. A local guy, he bought the shop about 4 or 5 ears ago and I used to visit him reasonably regularly but had been seeing another barber out at Mitchelton, 3 or 4 suburbs away. Earlier this year I wrote about the intimacy between hairdresser and patron and this guy always makes a big fuss of a hot lemon-scented towel at the end of each haircut and a facial massage for the finishing touch.  Quite a lovely man, effeminate and around the same age as me, he was once a professional dancer and gave it away to become a hairdresser. Quite light on his feet and very nimble-fingered, I'll see him again about 3 weeks time for a tidy-up again. Nice to see an old friend and talk school, politics, the economy and life - all the things you'd expect a barber to do ( and a dancer too I suppose) so if you've switched brands or haven't been for a visit to your friendly neighbourhood hairdresser, its time to make up for what you've been missing out on!
Burn brightly, Pete.

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