Saturday, 8 October 2011

Mucking Around

Miru Kim is an artist, photographer and illustrator who has explored, documented, and photographed urban settings such as abandoned subway stations, tunnels, the Croton aqueduct, Paris catacombs, factories, hospitals, and shipyards. Kim's Naked City Spleen series of photographs include images of herself nude in these settings.

For her new series, called The Pig That Therefore I Am, she has visited industrial piggeries and immersed herself amongst the pigs. the images are startling and unsettling for a number of reasons. 

A collection of photographs that explores the transferring qualities of skin and the separation between humans and animals plays with René Descartes' supposition, 'I think therefore I am'. The collection of provocative images are guaranteed to get you thinking as well.
Burn brightly, Pete.

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