Monday, 17 October 2011

Tarzan Fan

Gem TV is playing old Mike Henry Tarzan movies from the 1960s, which means my DVD recorder is working overtime this week. And the extra good news for all Tarzan fans is that there's more Lord of the Jungle on the way. For the first time in its 100 year history the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs story, Tarzan of The Apes is told UNCENSORED in comic book format! A new soon-to-be released series by Dynamite Comics will capture the savagery and action of the original while expanding on it with new elements. The story begins in the late 1800s, John Clayton, Lord of Greystoke, and his wife, the Lady Alice, are left stranded on a remote African coast. They must fend for themselves in this savage world, and the fact that Lady Alice is pregnant doesn't make things any easier! 

This new violent saga of Greystoke begins sometime in December in the US, written by Arvid Nelson and illustrated by Roberto Castro, and featuring covers by Alex Ross, Lucio Parillo, Ryan Sook, and Paul Renaud! Well, they had to it after they reworked John Carter, both in comics and in the movies (and Dejah Thoris is dressed exactly as I imagined her when I read the books as a 16 year old teenager)... old ERB must be smiling somewhere right now.

Burn brightly, Pete

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