Friday, 21 October 2011

Tasteologie : LA

I didn't expect this from LA but its been 20 years since I was there so it would have to change. Back then it was pretty slick so I was surprised to read about The Pie Hole in Downtown LA. 
Their little section of Traction Avenue has become quite the food spot. You get can a taste of New Orleans, Korean bbq, sausage, pie, and sandwiches all within a few steps of each other.
Their menu, which they envision changing weekly, is written on butcher paper. They have lots of great pie ideas, but are letting their suppliers, like local farmers' markets and butchers, help set the direction. Fresh produce makes such a big difference in the pie that it is crucial to focus on what's in season. That means of course that pumpkin pies, which they prepare completely from scratch, are just around the corner.
It's a family operation... a young couple, his mother, and their friends. They have all banded together to take their creativity and family recipes, gently whisk them all together, and bake until it's golden brown and delicious. 
So if you're in downtown LA, The Pie Hole could be worth checking out - I keep wondering if there's a place for a No Frills eatery like this here in OZ. Last night I had a fantastic burger at a new burger chain - Grill'd -  here in Brisbane that has recently opened up three outlets. Basically burgers and beers made with prime quality ingredients and consistency across the board. Nothing fancy but it works, so maybe the No Frilsl Pie Shop could be a possibilty down under , especially given our love for pies. (Whatever happened to Franklins - No Frills?)
Burn brightly and eat heartily, Pete

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