Saturday, 16 July 2011

Repeat Pattern

Born in Iceland, Katrin Olina studied Industrial Design in Paris before working in the European design studios of Philippe Starck (Paris) and Ross Lovegrove (London). Since then, she has worked predominantly as a graphic artist and illustrator in the fields of industrial design, fashion, interiors, print and animation. Her work has also been featured in several prominent museum and gallery exhibitions around the world. 
Her imagery and graphics are often centered around natural elements and the imaginary. Olina has also collaborated with high tech companies such as materials producers Dupont Corian and 3M. Her clients have included porcelain manufacturer Rosenthal and furniture manufacturer Swedese.

In this project, of the interior of the Cristal Bar in Hong Kong, Katrin Olina uses film and printing technology to create a huge seamless painting that expands throughout the bar’s four interconnected areas that cover a floor area of 1200 square feet.
The bar countertop is encrusted with more than 300,000 Swarovski crystals, which are illuminated from above by a ripple projector, and below by multicolored LEDs. The counter’s surface changes hues while shimmering in waves over the course of the night. 
Burn brightly, Pete

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