Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Guilty Pleasure (1)

ABC3 - the kids channel - is currently airing Iron Man - Armoured Adventures, repeating the first series as double episodes at 7.30 on week nights. I managed to catch a few of these when they played on ABC Sunday morning TV a year or so ago and enjoyed the series so watching the repeats has been a treat and there are about another 8 episodes to go before the series ends. You do have to readjust your thinking somewhat as Tony Stark is about 30 years younger. Teenage Tony is a 15 year old high school prodigy who inherits his father's company as well as becoming as adolescent Iron Man trying to avenge his father's death. A great soundtrack, wonderful drawings  (a fusion between manga and Marvel), good plots for each 22 minute episode and good characterisation - in fact I'm sure I teach Pepper in some of my art classes. 

Yes I know I'm almost 60 and this is not great art - but I'm still enjoying these youthful pleasures - if somewhat guiltily.
Burn brightly, Pete

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