Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Guilty Pleasure (2)

Another guilty pleasure package arrived in the mail today from Amazon. How could you resist this bargain: Girls, Guns and G-Strings - 12 movies from B grade director Andy Sidaris for the low price of about $4.50!  All of these 70's films feature dead pan serious delivery while demonstrating some of the most ridiculous and over the top plots, dialogue and action. You cannot under any circumstances attempt to take these films seriously or elicit any deep meaning from them, and remember these were movies from my youth. Sidaris was a former football/sport producer who worked out sports fans liked watching the girls in the stands as much as they like watched the sweaty athletes on the fields and came up with a simple formula for success - Playboy playmates, in exotic locations with guns and over-the-top situations and plots.

Yes I know I'm almost 60 and this is not great art- but I'm still enjoying these youthful pleasures - if somewhat guiltily.
Burn brightly, Pete

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