Friday, 23 September 2011

Peel and Piazolla

Ahhh - another day of holidays ..... lazing around listening to Astor Piazolla's Tangos and watching old episodes of The Avengers (the Mrs Peel cool 60's variety, not the Marvel comic version - although I've seen a few of those on ABC 3 this week as well). Nothing too taxing at the moment - just catching up on reading and thinking and feeling very alone in an empty house for most of the day. I'm almost finished my John Shannon novel; have started re-reading Kenneth Clark's work of genius on Landscape (I'm planning on watching some of his old TV series on Civilization next week, if time and family schedules allow); I have also caught up with washing and doctor's appointments (did you know there's no real cure for Tennis Elbow other than rest? - Goodonya Doc!); transferred some old State of Origin matches from VHS to DVD (only the ones where Qld wins); washed and tidied to Piazolla's fantastically sensual music (just how erotic can a piano accordian get?), and generally rested.

And somehow I will have to force myself to put up with a whole week more of this again next week! Tomorrow I get my son to drive me back to Coolangatta to rack up hours on his Learner's log (30 down, 70 more to go!) and I'll make another foray into the world of secondhand books. So think of me hard at it tomorrow making my way down to the sunny Gold Coast while you're working wherever you find yourself. It'll be hell!
Burn brightly, Pete.

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