Friday, 30 December 2011

Women on the 6th Floor

I sat in a cinema yesterday watching the delightful french comedy The Women on the 6th Floor.  A lovely diversion for over 2 hours, with some great actors (Fabrice Luchini is a great actor and Carmen Maura is always wonderful value no matter how small her role) and a simple if somewhat predictable script. As a failed actor, I'm always drawn to character and as a writer I'm always beguiled by plot - no great surprises here, but the performances were wonderful.

The experience was marred by my own failings - a devastating nosebleed in the middle of the movie at the point where the boss is enlightened. I left my bewildered friend to head off to the bathroom and recover and I'm getting better at detecting the problem and rectifying it quickly of late. It seems whenever I'm under stress, the body betrays me - another reason to get fit and another reason to de-stress. Christmas has not been a time of great cheer in my life with stresses and situations I was pushed into that I didn't want to be a part of. Let's hope the roll-over into the leap year enables new starts and we all can have another chance at it - just like the boss on the fifth floor.
Burn brightly, Pete

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