Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Batman Reboot

For those of you who are not purveyors of Low Culture, you might be interested to hear that DC comics (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash) have recently rebooted their entire line. This has involved them shutting down all existing storylines on their 52 comics and starting again with a new set of origins in a bid to attract new and younger readers. They have successfully done this already with some of their brands like Batwoman where the character was re-introduced as a Jewish lesbian redhead with a socialite background - a radical departure from the previous incarnations of Batwoman, but one which has garnered a new following and created a new gay icon.

DC Comics successful re-launch of its entire line in September resulted in at least six of the publisher’s comics selling over 100 thousand copies led by Batman #1 which managed a very impressive total of 188,420 in the US. Might be time to drop into the comic store again and check some of The New 52 out.
Burn brightly, Pete

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